Salinger is Dead - Single

by East Cameron Folkcore

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"A celebratory madness. Music against the system, with brain, heart and clenched fist. – Jörn Schlüter (Rolling Stone Germany -

“The 10-Track Salvo is pure folk, but it burns with the intensity of punk and the defiance of irish rebel songs. It’s a monster sophomore effort.” -Austin Monthly Magazine

”They are possibly the only band to site both Black Flag and Gustav Mahler as an influence.”
-American Songwriter Magazine (

“East Cameron Folkcore Confront Demons on Incredible song “Salinger’s Dead”. -MTV Hive (

“You’ll be a few listens deep when Moore’s lyrics crystallize into something discernible and hit you like a bullet. Suddenly, gut-haunt dread gives way to a grokking realization: these words are the chants of a disenchanted generation....a generation broke and pissed off. Call it folk, call it rock, call it punk - whatever you call it, For Sale is an eye-opening sophomore effort from an up-and-coming Austin band.” -Texas Music Magazine

"For Sale is a classic folk record, addressing the needs of our times in its lyrics while being timeless in its arrangement and instrumentation. There’s no question that with their third full-length record, East Cameron Folkcore aren’t just speaking for their northeast Austin neighborhood, but for the millions of us still struggling to find our feet in the Great Recession." (

“The album (For Sale) begins, not with music, but with audio of Mario Savio’s famous “Bodies Upon the Gears” speech. It’s an honest, un-ironic lob across the political bow from the 11-piece folk-rock collective, and a welcome one in a time in which a lot of bands are more willing to give you a wink and a smirk than a stiff belt to the jaw. The band’s live show continues to be one of the best ones in Austin. Their heartfelt performances never fail to make you feel like you’re one of the band.” -Paul Carrubba (KUTX 98.9 Song of the Day

“We’re talking a grand total of eleven people on stage singing and playing together as if it were the last night on earth. Perhaps it should always be like this. That’s the sort of vibe you get from this riotous folk-punk orchestra – a description that nails it right on the head. Play it like you mean it, heart and soul, full volume, and don’t hold back. Take no prisoners. This is, after all, a celebration.” -Laurie Gallardo (KUT 98.9 Austin Music Minute

“Rumbling across the plains like an infernal haboob, East Cameron Folkcore amplifies and agitates the Americana paradigm with sheer sonic squall.” -Greg Beets (The Austin Chronicle

“East Cameron Folkcore pushed acoustic instruments to their sonic limits and testified that punk isn’t dead – it’s just wearing a folk music skin suit.” -Kevin Curtin (The Austin Chronicle

“The local (Austin, TX) 11-piece outfit plays voice to a new generation of disaffected youth saddled by debt, bleak job prospects, endless war, and disenfranchisement by the corporate-capitalist structure. "Robin Hoods Rise" kicks off with pure pathos, frustration rising against an era where "lies become the truth" in fevered howls. This gritty, everyman folk rock draws directly from Springsteen and Lucero with a deeply Southern literary edge, especially on raucous narratives "Salinger's Dead" and "Ophelia," cello, scarring guitars, and trombone slides coloring the edges of both banjo and mandolin. Yet the band turns equally inward, as on the gypsy-punk-tinged "Humble Pie," sighing "Chasing the Devil," and bruisingly dark "Worst Enemy," which stumbles through "empty bottles by the bottom of the bed." The gem here leads the LP's B-side, "Don't Choke" licking a Memphis lilt and diabolical grit worthy of Reigning Sound. ECF never strays too far from its hard-times anthems though, "Sallie Mae" bursting into a brilliant bankrupt stomp and "Enemy of the Times" scathing against war in a wash of political sound clips. If there's hope in this vision, it lies in the collective catharsis of a generation less For Sale than having already been sold out.” -Doug Freeman (The Austin Chronicle

On September 13th, 2013 For Sale is set for European release through German indie label Grand Hotel Van Cleef ( with a 3 and 1/2 week tour of Germany and Switzerland in the works to support the release. The German release of For Sale includes a new updated master of the record by mastering guru Howie Weinberg and will also include a vinyl release of the record. Pre-orders will be going on sale August 1st and can be found at ( along with pre-sale tickets to all overseas shows. The new master version of For Sale will also be made available here in the states digitally beginning September 13th.

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released 08 January 2013

*Recorded at The Shelter in Austin, TX by Chris Seyler
*Mastered by Howie Weinberg
*Cover Picture By: Tyson Heder
*European Label: Grand Hotel Van Cleef (
*Tour Ticket Link:

Jesse Moore (guitar, vocals), Blake Bernstein (guitar, vocals, trombone), Kristian Oubre (guitar), Eric Lopez (bass), Aaron Perez (drums), Phil Patterson (mandolin, vocals), Denis O'Donnell (banjo, vocals), Blue Mongean (harmonica, vocals), Mary Beth Widhalm (cello), Allen Dennard (vocals), April Perez (vocals)


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